Steel Dynamics Inc. chooses Danieli water-treatment technology

16 January 2018

New water treatment plant for the billet welder and spooler line

Following the order for a new billet welder and spooler line to be installed at the SDI Structural and Rail Products Div. Columbia City, Indiana facility, the mini-mill group has now ordered a water-treatment plant to complete the project.
The new water-treatment plant will include the indirect cooling circuit (460 m3/h) and direct cooling circuits (1100 m3/h) equipped with DANfilterTM.

DANfilterTM -Danieli patented sand filters- are high-rate performance filters and, compared to the other filters available on the market, require fewer units thus reducing plant CapEx by about 30% and footprint by about 50%. At the same time, DANfilterTM improves the quality the water.

The new SDI water treatment plant has been designed for future rolling mill expansion.

Commissioning of the water-treatment plant is expected by third quarter 2018. This will be the 180th Danieli water-treatment plant designed and installed since 1988.