Tata Steel revives plans for power plant on Deeside

11 February 2015

Tata Steel has revived plans for a small power plant at its Deeside site in a move that could help secure the long term future of the site.

The steel giant employs around 850 people in Shotton at its Tata Steel Colours division, which manufactures pre-finished steel for domestic appliances and building.

In 2010 Tata Steel secured planning permission for a combined heat and power plant (CHP) but the continuing economic downturn saw the project put temporarily shelved.

Tata Steel now says it is committed to delivering the scheme and has applied to renew the permission so the project can be carried out before 2020.

The firm says it will help with securing the site.

Rhiannon Boulton, senior planner with Tata planning agents, Turley, said in a planning statement: “The proposed CHP plant will provide Tata Steel with increased security of electricity supply and increased control over electricity costs.

“This will help to improve the economic viability of Tata Steel operations at the Shotton Works site, and will in turn help to ensure that existing direct employment at the site and indirect employment in the general area is safeguarded.”

The proposed CHP plant would generate heat and electricity from a refuse derived biomass fuel that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Ms Boulton added: “The approval of this application will help to deliver a scheme that diverts non-recyclable material from landfill.”

A Tata spokesman added: “If the planning application is successful and the project goes ahead, the project will certainly contribute to the success of the operations at Shotton.

“Directly we employ around 850 at Shotton and the Colors business there is a vital customer for the Strip operations in South Wales where some 4,500 are employed.”

He added that the high cost of energy was a major issue but added the site’s future was not ‘dependent’ on the success of the application.

He added that the timescale of the project cannot be determined at this stage.