The Arch Steel Mill Project in Jiangsu Province Successfully Connected to the Grid

21 July 2023

Recently, the 11.5MW lightweight flexible module project installed on the arch steel mill of Xusteel Group was successfully connected to the grid. The project used SUNPORT's standard lightweight flexible PV modules.

The project is supposed to generate 10.72 million kWh clean electric power annually, which is equivalent to saving 3450 tons of standard coal per year, and can reduce 9000 tons of CO2 emission which is equivalent to planting 46 thousand trees per year.

The steel plant is an arch-shaped building with T-shaped color steel tile on the roof. The curved roof with a length of 425 meters can not be installed with conventional module. SUNPORT's lightweight flexible module that weighs 5.7kg, 30% of conventional glass module, and has minimum bending radius of 0.5m, is the best choice for this project. The 2.5mm thickness lightweight flexible modules were installed along the roof in fixed angle using structural adhesive and double side tape. The installation cost is only 40% of conventional module installation.

Xusteel Group, a traditional heavy industry company, shows its pursuit of using clean energy by integrating solar modules with its plants. With more and more companies values ESG development, SUNPORT's wide range of solar module products will play a more comprehensive role in clean energy utilization.