The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company Acquires Semco Tool & Manufacturing Company

4 October 2023

The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce its acquisition of Semco Tool & Manufacturing Company Inc., based in Naugatuck. Semco Tool & Manufacturing is renowned for its production of custom eyelets and deep-drawn metal components. This strategic partnership is deeply rooted in a shared commitment to maintaining family ownership and nurturing four generations of dedicated leadership firmly embedded in the Greater Waterbury community.

Thomas Semeraro, President and Owner of Semco Tool & Manufacturing, elaborates on the significance of this partnership: "For Semco Tool & Manufacturing, this collaboration with Cly-Del is more than a mere business decision; it's about discovering a kindred partner who upholds our values and unwavering dedication to our local heritage. We sought a company that prioritizes community and craftsmanship over short-term profit, ensuring that the legacy we've painstakingly built can thrive and continue to benefit our community."

Robert W. Garthwait, III, Executive Vice President of The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company, expresses enthusiasm about the addition of Semco Tool & Manufacturing to the Cly-Del family: "We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Semco Tool & Manufacturing. Together, we will propel growth and innovation, fortifying the manufacturing landscape in the Greater Waterbury area, all while upholding the rich legacy and commitment to customer satisfaction that both companies share."

This acquisition unites two family-owned businesses guided by a common philosophy: an unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and community. Customers of Semco Tool & Manufacturing can now anticipate an expanded range of services and capabilities, bolstered by Cly-Del's extensive expertise and resources. This synergy translates into enhanced manufacturing solutions, providing existing customers with broader options to fulfill their production requirements.