Tremco CPG Inc. Announces Acquisition of First US Fabricator of Tested, Certified IBC Compliant MCM Panels

4 October 2023

Tremco CPG Inc. ("Tremco") has announced its acquisition of the wall system fabrication segment of NOW Specialties, LLC ("NOW"), based in Carrollton, Texas. NOW is a prominent panel wall system fabricator, specializing in Metal Composite Material (MCM) and Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels. It's important to note that the installation aspect of NOW's business remains with NOW Specialties.

Ron Kaminski, President of Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing Division, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, stating, "This acquisition marks a significant stride in establishing Tremco as a leader in offsite construction—a significant and growing trend and a key strategic direction for the organization. In addition to adding MCM and ACM to our expanding Modulite™ panel fabrication program, this acquisition aligns with our core value proposition of delivering systems that are easy to build and maintain, virtually impervious to the elements, and can be customized to provide nearly any desired look."

The NOW-8000 system, in particular, appealed to Tremco because it has been rigorously tested in accordance with the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) standards for metal composite materials (IBC 1407) and labeling (IBC 1703.5). Additionally, it bears the Intertek mark since 2018. NOW Specialties was the first U.S. MCM fabricator to comply with IBC 2015 labeling requirements. The NOW-8000 system is a drained/back-ventilated rainscreen, characterized by its lightweight design, ease of installation, use of proven route-and-return and tongue-in-groove technology, and alignment with the latest, stringent test standards and building codes.

NOW's dedication to third-party certification aligns with Tremco's emphasis on tested systems. Over a decade ago, Tremco established the Tremco Building Science Laboratory in collaboration with the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) and the building science community. This state-of-the-art facility tests air and moisture infiltration/exfiltration in building enclosures, surpassing ASTM standards to mitigate energy loss, structural degradation, and indoor air quality issues.

The acquisition of NOW's wall system fabrication segment enables Tremco to expand its Modulite offerings, providing customers with additional design choices. These choices include several Outsulation® continuous insulation panel types featuring various Dryvit® brand finishes that replicate materials like brick, stone, woodgrain, granite, metal, and more.

Tremco's network of offsite and modular construction experts is available to assist those considering offsite construction, as well as those new to this approach, who may require technical support and guidance.

With the addition of ACM and MCM panels to Tremco's portfolio, building developers, designers, and owners seeking a metal panel facade can reduce risk and minimize the chances of envelope failure. This is achieved by leveraging fully tested, compatible building envelope systems and single-source warranties, encompassing below-grade waterproofing, air barriers, sealants, expansion joints, traffic coatings, and more.