U. S. Steel Announces Strategic Alternatives Process

14 August 2023

The United States Steel Corporation has announced that its Board of Directors has made the decision to formally initiate a comprehensive review process, with external financial and legal advisors lending their expertise, to assess various strategic options for the company. The ultimate aim of this undertaking is to act in the best interests of the Company, its shareholders, and all other stakeholders. U.S. Steel has undergone significant strides in transforming itself into a customer-centric and globally competitive steel producer under the banner of "Best for All®", consistently succeeding in strategic markets, optimizing cost efficiencies, and fostering talent development.

David B. Burritt, President, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors of U.S. Steel, expressed the rationale behind this move, stating, "U.S. Steel's Board and management team are dedicated to maximizing value for our shareholders. Thus, we have embarked on a comprehensive and meticulous exploration of strategic alternatives. This decision comes as a response to the reception of multiple unsolicited proposals, ranging from the acquisition of specific production assets to considerations for the entirety of the Company. The Board is approaching these proposals in a measured manner, meticulously evaluating them – especially those in preliminary stages that are subject to ongoing due diligence."

Burritt went on to elaborate on the positive trajectory that U.S. Steel has been on, underlining their focus on sustainability and operational excellence, "U.S. Steel has embarked on a strategic path marked by a compelling transformation, bolstering best-in-class EAF steelmaking and finishing capabilities, while concurrently reducing our carbon footprint. Our financial position has grown stronger than ever, yielding resilient cash flow and emphasizing returns to shareholders. The interest sparked by the unsolicited proposals received so far validates U.S. Steel's strategy and successful track record. While the Board engages in the review of these and forthcoming proposals, our entire team remains committed to the responsible execution of our operations and the advancement of our 'Best for All®' strategy, with continued benefits for all stakeholders."

It's important to note that there is no predefined deadline or conclusive timeline set for the conclusion of the strategic alternatives review process. Additionally, there is no guarantee that this process will culminate in the company pursuing a transaction or any specific strategic outcome. U.S. Steel is committed to maintaining a restrained public stance during this review process until it reaches completion or if disclosure becomes a legal necessity or is deemed appropriate in other circumstances.