Vortex Metal's Secures Community Approval for VMS Copper-Gold Zaachila Project

13 March 2024

Vortex Metals Inc. is pleased to announce that Santiago Astata Agrarian Community in Oaxaca, Mexico, has granted authorization to ACAGOLD S.A. de C.V. - Vortex's Mexican subsidiary, to carry out mineral exploration activities, including drilling holes on their lands. These activities will include geological reconnaissance, mapping, opening of trenches, sampling of sediments, soils rocks and core, as well as the rehabilitation of roads and trails, the carrying out of the geophysical study and installing 25 platforms for drilling. This significant milestone marks a pivotal step forward for the company's community relations practices in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Furthermore, the company has committed to forming an environmental monitoring committee with active community participation to oversee the activities and ensure environmental protection throughout the exploration program.

This is a significant achievement as it marks a major step forward towards securing the drill permits on Zaachila project with high potential drill ready targets. To obtain drill permits, Vortex Metals needed to complete the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study on Zaachila project and receive the community approval. The Company has already completed EIA (Ref: Vortex Metal's new release dated September 6, 2023). With the community approval from Santiago Astata Agrarian Community, the Company now plans to submit the application to The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources or Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales: (SEMARNAT) for obtaining the necessary drill permits.

Led by Jorge Mario Rios, the community relations consultant, the Company has been working with local communities for over a year to build a strong foundation based on mutual confidence to advance the exploration project.   

"We are grateful for the trust placed in us by the Santiago Astata Agrarian Community," commented CEO Vikas Ranjan, "This authorization reflects our commitment to transparent communication, environmental stewardship, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with local communities. We are determined to advancing the exploration and potential discovery of an entirely new copper-gold Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) belt in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico."