West Tool Enclosures Launches Stainless Steel Enclosure Configurator, Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions

10 May 2023

West Tool Enclosures, has recently launched an all-new configurator to provide customers with a "virtually infinite" amount of custom enclosures. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the online tool provides on-demand access for civil and electrical engineers to find, configure and download the enclosure products they need for their design. This service will enable West Tool's online audience to quickly access CAD product data for use within their municipal projects.

A trusted supplier of water and wastewater lift stations and stainless steel enclosures, West Tool is bolstering their reputation by simplifying the process of accessing CAD product data online.

"I see more and more requests for 3D models," J. Glen Westra, the owner and president at West Tool Enclosures, said. "Civil engineering firms use different CAD software, and the fact that we have so many different formats available online will be key to fitting with all customers and all municipal projects."

The tool delivers configured product information in more than 150 native and neutral formats, including configured PDF datasheets.

Before launching the new configurator, West Tool customers could still shop for products online. However, each CAD model was delivered individually and required engineers to assemble the enclosures and lift stations within their projects. "Each part – every panel, door, etc. – had a separate part number. There was a lot of clerical work trying to keep the files straight," Westra added. Now there are four basic designs with 100+ part numbers and virtually infinite customizations all available online.

"We always strive to provide better services. This tool helps us distribute superior products in a superior delivery system."