Wire China 2023: Gathering Momentum to Drive the Future Development of the Wire & Cable Industry

5 September 2023

The 10th All China - International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair, known as wire China 2023, has commenced at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 4th. This 4-day event, jointly organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd., serves as a comprehensive showcase of the latest technologies, products, and ideas within the wire and cable industry. It also provides a platform to explore opportunities in digitalization, intelligence, and environmental protection, setting the industry on a new path of acceleration.

Under the theme of "Digital Intelligence + Low Carbon," wire China 2023 recognizes the pivotal role of cables in supporting core industries such as electric power, energy, petrochemicals, transportation, communications, and equipment manufacturing. New developments in high-end equipment sectors like intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, rail transit, network communications, and aerospace have created a favorable market environment for the wire and cable industry. This has spurred the industry to accelerate its high-quality development and enhance efficiency and quality.

The exhibition features more than 900 domestic and international exhibitors covering an expansive area of 57,500 square meters. These exhibitors showcase innovations, high-quality products, and solutions spanning wire and cable manufacturing, finishing machinery, auxiliary cable processing, raw materials for cables (including optical cables), finished wires and cables, measurement and control technologies, testing engineering, and related fields. This creates a rich and immersive experience for industry professionals attending wire China 2023.

The exhibition serves as a hub for global industry players to connect and strengthen trade relationships, fostering new opportunities for development.

In addition to the exhibition, wire China 2023 hosts various professional forums and conferences in collaboration with government agencies, industry associations, and financial institutions. These events provide platforms for launching cutting-edge technologies, sharing industry trends, and facilitating discussions on new economic trends, development patterns, technical challenges, and environmental considerations in the wire and cable industry.

One of the highlighted events is the 2023 Wire Winding Industry Technology Forum, focusing on topics such as the technical development of flat winding wires for electric vehicles, the construction of intelligent factories, and stringent environmental protection protocols.

The exhibition also offers multiple themed technical exchange conferences and activities, including sub-forums on Industrial Economy, Green and Low-Carbon, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Digital Innovation. These forums delve into wire & cable digitalization, intelligent development, and environmentally friendly practices, featuring speeches from renowned enterprises and senior industry experts.

To extend the reach of the exhibition, wire China 2023 utilizes various communication channels, including its official WeChat account, video account, and live photo broadcast channels, to engage a broader audience and keep them informed about industry developments.

Wire China 2023 serves as a one-stop platform for connecting domestic and international businesses, fostering innovation, and collaboration among upstream and downstream enterprises in the wire and cable industry. Over the course of four days, industry professionals and stakeholders converge to chart the industry's development direction and pave the way for a digital and intelligent future.


Source: prnewswire.com