Worlds Forges Innovation Partnership with TimkenSteel to Redefine Steel Manufacturing Using Real-World AI

6 December 2023

Worlds, a pioneering software company specializing in real-world Artificial Intelligence, is thrilled to announce an exciting innovation partnership with TimkenSteel, a leading manufacturer of high-performance carbon and alloy steel products. This collaboration is poised to introduce new ways to measure within steel manufacturing operations, driving safety, efficiency, and sustainability improvements by integrating the Worlds AI platform into TimkenSteel's operations. Worlds' collaboration with TimkenSteel signals a bold shift towards adopting deep tech, particularly AI, to shape the future of steel manufacturing.

Through the Worlds AI platform, TimkenSteel is beginning to gain insight into previously untapped measurements from real-time sensor data analysis within their manufacturing facilities. These new capabilities should enable TimkenSteel to monitor and actively improve and optimize operations as they unfold.

Core to this partnership is the turnkey embedding of the Worlds AI platform on top of TimkenSteel's existing IoT network - requiring no additional hardware or special equipment. The collaboration goes beyond sensor fusion by incorporating people, processes, and AI into one integrated solution that can produce meaningful insights across operational environments.

Andrew Bissot, TimkenSteel's Vice President of Engineering, Manufacturing Excellence, and Reliability, commented, "Our collaboration with Worlds is unlocking new possibilities within our industry - further emphasizing our dedication to achieving excellence in reliability and the production of high-quality, American-made steel. The ability to measure, collect, and act on real-time data enhances safety, operational efficiency, and overall performance within the steel industry."

Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds, emphasized the innovative nature of this collaboration, stating, "AI is no longer just a tool, but rather AI is now infrastructure and our best avenue for scaling human and organizational capability in the future. Our partnership with TimkenSteel has the potential to show an entire industry how it can re-imagine safer, more productive steel manufacturing through more human-centered AI."