XCMG Machinery Introduces Super 35m³ Electric Shovel Excavator for Open Pit Mining

20 June 2023

XES35, a next-generation super 35m³ electric shovel excavator developed by XCMG Machinery for open pit mining operations has successfully rolled off the assembly lately in Xuzhou, China. Powered by multiple technological upgrades to deliver industry-leading performance, the self-developed model will meet the construction demands of super scale open pit mines.

The XES35 is weighed at nearly 1,100 tons with a height of 18.5 meters, which is the equivalent of a six-story building. Its standard configuration comes with a 35m³ shovel bucket that loads about 65 tons of ore each time, and it's designed to deploy with mining dump trucks of the 220 to 330 tonnage range.

"XCMG's mining equipment R&D team has dived into both the market demand and technological innovation to launch the XES35 successfully, marking a new milestone for XCMG which now has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities for larger tonnage electric shovel excavators with a grasp of advanced core technologies, making XCMG a top four global manufacturer of electric shovel excavators," said Yang Dongsheng, chairman of XCMG.

Open pit mines with large-scale operations require super mining equipment that excels in efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Compared with hydraulic excavators, the electric shovel excavators can better suit the mining demands – the loading capacity of shovel bucket can reach up to 70m³ with service life of 20 years, which is twice the length of hydraulic excavators. The electric shovel excavator is also easy to maintain with low operation cost that's only one third of regular excavators of the same bucket capacity.

Developed on the basis of XCMG's extensive experience in pioneering large-scale equipment products, including multi-motor variable frequency drive control technology based on dynamic load, flexible boom fall back control technology, open-bucket control with zero-speed hovering and more, the technologically advanced XES35 highlights five major advantages:

  • Intelligent operation: advanced AC frequency conversion drive control technology and Multi-sensor fusion technology realizes intelligent, efficient, and safe operation, coupled with smart monitoring and online diagnostic system to safeguard the equipment in real-time.
  • Sustainability: pure electric drive and common DC bus power supply system with energy feedback function to achieve zero-emission, green, and energy-saving operation.
  • High reliability: optimized main structure components adopts high-strength and low temperature resistant steel plate and XCMG's unique manufacturing technique to reach service life of 120,000 hours. The reduction box is made with a low carbon steel carburizing process to ensure high precision, impact resistance, and stable performance in low-temperature environment.
  • Operation comfort: the cabin is equipped with high-power air conditioner, three-side windows, air suspension and vibration isolation seat, aviation-grade control levers, ergonomic configurations and more to make operation more comfortable.
  • Lower comprehensive use cost: XCMG's highly reliable spare parts and components, excellent production cost management, premium service, and low energy consumption significantly lowers the purchase, operation, and maintenance costs for the customers.

XCMG's mining equipment sector has been operating independently since 2018, and it has developed a comprehensive mining product portfolio of high-end, intelligent, unmanned and electric equipment covering the full process of excavation, transportation, drilling and more. Its self-developed mining excavators of 70 tons and above has about 50 percent market share in China.

XCMG is also the industry's first manufacturer to have unmanned transportation system for open pit mines with proprietary intellectual property rights and set solutions. From January to May of 2023, the mining equipment company's revenue has grew by 50 percent year-on-year, refreshing key operation indicators to take a leading position in the global market.