Coremark Metals Increases Processing Capabilities With Tube Laser

28 September 2020

Coremark Metals, an industry leader in metals, fabrication services, and hardware, has recently expanded its production capabilities with a MAZAK Fabri Gear 150 tube laser. This machinery is designed to cut, notch, etch, bevel, add holes, and complete intricate cutouts or designs in one continuous step. “The tube laser has eliminated the need for secondary processing and replaces manual processes with automated ones”, states Steven Lachermeier, Chief Production Officer.

“This allows us to increase efficiencies and drastically reduce lead times for complex fabrication and custom parts.” Equipped with 3D cutting heads, 6-axis programming, and automated load/unload, feed, measurement, and profile centering functions, the tube laser is the ideal solution to a variety of production needs. The precision of the machine alleviates challenges with producing consistent parts, which many manufacturers face.

“With this new addition, Coremark Metals is able to decrease production time without compromising on quality”, states Steven. “This is imperative to us because it’s the cornerstone of who we are. Our mission is to provide quality products and services, develop impactful partnerships, and to enhance lives through meaningful experiences.” Joining eleven other fabrication services at Coremark Metals, the in-house production capabilities are a match for even the most complex parts and extensive production runs. “Jobs that are processed on the tube laser come out with a clean, flush finish, ready for assembly”, explains Steven. “A significant amount of time is saved when secondary finishing processes become obsolete.” Our experienced team of estimators, operators, and account managers are available to assist you through every step of your project, from start to finish, ensuring a timely and high-quality result every time.

To learn more, contact us at 800-522-5950.

About Coremark Metals:

Coremark Metals has proudly provided metals, fabrication services, and industrial supplies for nearly 30 years. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and developing lasting partnerships, the company provides support and expertise to keep your business and your projects running smoothly. With locations in Minneapolis, MN and Fort Worth, TX, Coremark Metals collaborates with a vast network of suppliers who share in the commitment to produce and source products ethically, giving you access to cost-saving solutions on the finest metal and hardware products and the most innovative processing techniques the industry has to offer.

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