Danieli H3 wirerod mill technology

1 October 2020

Qingdao Special I&S, part of CITIC Group, awarded Danieli the order for new, twin wirerod mill lines #5 and #6, to be installed at Qingdao, in Huangdao district, China. Primary products of the new 1Mtpy wirerod mills will be tyre cord, bearing, spring and welding wire steels.

The new plant will be outfitted with all of Danieli’s latest wirerod technologies for rolling, on-line processing, and heat-treatment, including LTR-Low Temperature Rolling process.

The mill outlet design includes two-pass followed by eight-pass prefinishing blocks; DSC-Danieli Structure Control System, including water cooling lines and CCW-Controlled Cooling Conveyors; four-stand, high-speed TMB-Twin Module finishing Blocks and vibration-free OFB-Oil Film Bearing loop-laying heads.

The lines will produce finished wirerod products from 5 to 7 mm dia in coils weighing up 2,375 kg at a finishing speed up to 112 mps.

Danieli Automation will supply the automation and process control systems for the main equipment supplied.

The startup of the twin lines is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

This order follows those for the wirerod rolling mills supplied to Qingdao in 2001, 2003 and 2013.

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Source: danieli.com