Danieli Weld Cladded Rolls

30 March 2021

Danieli Service provides cladded rolls for a wide range of applications, not limited to ferrous-sector hot-strip mills. In fact, this technology has been applied successfully on several ferrous-sector plate and Steckel plate mills, as well as for hot- and cold-rolling mills for aluminium alloys.

Introduction of surface-cladded rolls has revolutionized the basic notions of hot mill rolls, introducing allowing significant improvement in performance life and establishing the concept of multiple reconditioning, with relevant economic benefits in the purchase and maintenance of the rolls.

The reconditioning concept makes it possible to recover the roll body once it reaches its final life condition and regenerate the mechanical, dimensional and geometrical characteristics typical of a brand-new roll.

The savings on DanClad rolls total cost of ownership (TCO) versus conventional rolls are represented in the table below. Once the original DanClad roll reaches its worn condition it is sent for reconditioning. In this way, customers’ economic benefits increase by excluding the necessity to re-purchase a brand-new roll, as happens with the conventional rolls.

Performance improvement is achieved trough tailor-made chemical compositions of the cladding layer that replaces conventional steels with high-performance tool steels, with or without stainless properties. DanClad coatings have been developed by Danieli Research & Development Center in Italy with the purpose of optimizing the operating conditions and maximizing lifetime performances.

For example, on the hot-strip mill pinch roll application DanClad coatings have improved the resistance to wear and consequently lifetime of the roll by +90% with respect to the conventional cast iron rolls.

The main benefits of switching from conventional rolls to DanClad rolls are:

Potentially unlimited roll-body lifetime

Once the roll is ground to a minimum diameter the roll body will be used again for cladding, and consequently the roll will be restored to original size.

Performance-driven, custom-made coatings

Designed especially to improve roll lifetime performances and not bound by standard material solutions.


Huge mid- to long-term cost savings thanks to improved lifetime performances and re-cladding reconditioning instead of new roll purchase.

Environmentally friendly re-manufacturing concept introduces significant energy savings and pollution reductions due to eliminating worn component scraping, re-melting, casting, machining and heat-treatment from the roll manufacturing process.

Danieli Service provides high-quality surface-cladded rolls through its worldwide manufacturing and reconditioning centers.


Source: danieli.com