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Die and Mold Industry's Leading Event DMC2016 Gets Underway in Shanghai

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016

The 16th China International Exhibition on Die & Mold Technology and Equipment (DMC2016), a major annual event in the Chinese mold industry co-organized by the China Die & Mold Industry Association and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., is being held from June 28 to July 1, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (E1-E6 Halls).

The 70,000+ square-meter exhibition is coincident with the 30th anniversary of the DMC in 2016. Over the 30 years, DMC has witnessed the development, growth and technological achievements of the Chinese mold industry. Against a backdrop of increasing cooperation in production at a global scale and the cross-integration of manufacturing technologies, DMC has played an important role in facilitating technology exchanges, economic and trade cooperation, market expansion and growth in exports for the companies in the sector.

The exhibition is designed to lead the industry in light of the new economic situation in China, new developments within and general adjustments across the sector as well as in terms of promoting necessary technological change and transformation.

These industry-leading moves help to transition mold manufacturing into and through a new phase of growth during the country's 13th five-year period, spanning 2016-2020. Besides high-end precision processing equipment and technologies as well as advanced mold manufacturing, this year's expo highlights new technologies meant to strengthen the traditional mold manufacturing sector, by bringing in 3D additive manufacturing, laser equipment, robot automation and integration, and to feature new formats, which will serve to lead the molding industry into the modern age by adopting the latest technologies, among them, intelligent mold manufacturing, a cloud-based manufacturing ecosystem and Internet Plus, the Chinese government's program to promote the application of the internet and other information technologies across conventional industries.

With a focus on the continuous optimization and upgrading of the mold industry, DMC2016 plans to showcase a wide range of products and technologies defined by the new characteristics of refinement, automation, digitalization, integration, networking and intelligence.

High-end forums highlighted and three concurrent events form a top-down ecosystem

Two global high-end mold forums, 2016 ISTMA BRICS Forum and FADMA OBM, will be held during DMC. As the hosts, Chinese mold companies demonstrate their progress to the world and facilitate international exchanges, while this year's event represents a milestone during DMC's efforts towards globalization. The global industrial structure is being reshaped and a new round of technological changes and upgrades across the industry is coincident with China's acceleration in economic development.

DMC2016 provides a timely opportunity to highlight the new trends, including presentations on precision processing equipment and smart automation in manufacturing as well as integrated molding and precise mold manufacturing, driving the transformation and evolution of the sector and making contributions to the government's "Made in China 2025" program.

The Shanghai International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition (SAPE 2016) and the Shanghai International Green Auto Show, which are being held at the same time in the nearby halls (W1-W5 Halls), complement DMC2016 in terms of integration of resources from the complete vehicles, auto parts and automotive molding sectors.

The 120,000+ square-meter event, which takes up 11 halls at the Shanghai New International Expo Center and has attracted approx. 2,000 exhibitors, form a top-down ecosystem combining upstream and downstream sectors including high-end precise processing equipment, auto molding, auto parts and complete new energy vehicles and provide a premier professionals manufacturing exhibition platform with a focus on automotive molding.

Dies and molds support product optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing sector

Upgrades of the manufacturing sector depend on dies and molds. China is the largest manufacturing economy in the world, with the latest manufacturing technologies based on dies and molds widely used in the automotive and transportation equipment industries, light industries represented by home appliances, consumer electronics and plastic products, IT industries represented by communications and network terminals, machinery, electrical equipment and basic component industries represented by testing and measuring devices, electrical machinery and equipment as well as integrated circuits, and the building materials and home improvement industries.

China's high-speed and urban rail systems as well as the medical device and commercial aircraft industries also need the support of advanced die and mold technologies for processing and manufacturing. Die and mold-based services have a place across nearly the entire manufacturing spectrum supporting product optimization and upgrades across the board. Roughly 800 leading Chinese die and mold firms will gather at this year's expo, including China's top 160 die and mold companies, 32 leading export-oriented die and mold companies and 9 national die and mold and material forming technology research and development organizations. During the expo, the China Die & Mold Industry Association will form a panel of experts to select the winners of the biennial "Outstanding Mold Award".    

The world's first machine tools, automobile die and mold hall and the 3D additive manufacturing zone are highlights

•    The world's first machine tools for a new generation – At DMC2016, GF Machining Solutions and Makino (China) Co., Ltd. will be unveiling the world's first new-generation precision machining equipment. The new automation and integration technologies being showcased include GF's intelligent, simple and flexible processing solution, the WPT1+ flexible manufacturing system deploying the WSM software capable of controlling all the equipment involved in the production line and the entire processing flow.

The exhibition also features live demonstrations of several new mold technologies, including the FANUC robot which allows for automated control of copper electrode feeding and blanking systems as well as cellphone shell polishing systems, Beijing Jingdiao Technology's automated aluminum alloy processing unit, Hexagon's I-Cell blue light automation solution, Pro-Technic Machinery's integrated system combining automated feeding and blanking with detection of machine tools, Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Tool's YDH-220 two-point high-speed precision CNC punch line and Road Ahead Technologies' automated detection and scanning system.  
•    Automobile die and mold hall – As a new manufacturing model accelerates the transformation taking place across the automobile industry, dies and molds for manufacturing automobile panels are playing a key role.

Several major Chinese automobile panel die makers are showcasing their die-inspection-fixture integration technologies and optimization solutions for body-in-white, as well as applications of key technologies including springback analysis and control, appearance quality control and die clearance design in the automobile die and mold hall. Various new lightweight material forming dies and multi-station progressive dies, such as applications of lightweight materials including high strength sheets, ultrahigh strength sheets and magnalium in automobiles, are also showcased. With the development of connected vehicle technologies, electronic molds for automobiles have a broad market space.

A variety of small, precise and multi-station progressive dies for high-speed, stable and long-life electronic connectors, as well as plastic, sheet metal and machining parts for HDMs featuring position memorizing potentiometers as well as air conditioning, lighting and power systems are also being exhibited in the hall during DMC2016.

Main exhibitors include FAW Tooling Die Manufacturing, Tianjin Motor Dies Company Limited, Dongfeng Die & Stamping Technologies, Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology, Vision Tool & Mold, Huangyan, Zhejiang-based Kaihua Molds and Xingtai Plastic Mold, Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology, Push Mold, Hebei Xing Lin Body Manufacturing Group, and Xingda Dies.

More than 200 automobile die manufacturers are gathering together to showcase advanced technologies and developing trends in China's auto manufacturing industry. The International Auto Mold Forum was held on the opening day, at which some of the world's leading car makers including Ford and Volkswagen came together to discuss the latest trends in automotive dies. The forum also featured a keynote speech on die development at US-based automotive engineering centers, market reports on the US auto die market and interactions and exchanges between China's leading auto die manufacturers.
•    3D additive manufacturing zone - As 3D printing technology has gained popularity in recent years, a 3D additive manufacturing zone has been set up in collaboration with the Shanghai 3D Printing Industry Alliance. The AgieCharmilles AM S 290 tooling additive manufacturing system from GF Machining Solutions and EOS as well as Sodick's new metal 3D printer OPM250L are having their debuts at the event.

The new AgieCharmilles AM S 290 tooling solution is intended to address the industry's need to produce innovative mold inserts using additive manufacturing. Other renowned 3D additive manufacturers from both China and abroad, including Shaanxi Hengtong Intelligent Machine, 3D Systems, Shenzhen Sunshine Laser & Electronics Technology, Road Ahead Technologies, Breuckmann and Panowin Technologies, are also attending the event with industry-grade 3D additive manufacturing technologies such as metal laser sintering, 3D color printing technology and stereolithography. At the same time, the second Shanghai 3D Printing Industry Conference & Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Forum will be held during DMC2016.

DMC2016 leads the industry with a showcase of new formats, including the Internet Plus model and the cloud-based manufacturing ecosystem

With the roll-out of the Chinese government's "Made in China 2025" program and the Internet Plus initiative as well as further integration of digitalization and industrialization, mold companies, which serve as an engine for growth of the manufacturing industry, need to embrace the Internet Plus model as a way to reshape the industrial organization and manufacturing model, reconstruct the relationship between molds and users and evolve from digital information manufacturing and management technologies to internet technology applications amid the widespread adoption of digital manufacturing, while accelerating profound changes to the production and organization models and creating new ways in which resources are allocated through integration and collaborative manufacturing. These changes are expected to have a wide and deep impact on the development of the die and mold industry.

DMC2016 will also highlight several new formats, including the Internet Plus model for the mold sector and the cloud-based manufacturing ecosystem. To cite a few examples, Haier's cloud-based service platform and smart factory in the E6 Hall is exhibiting personalized, custom-made products. Internet technologies on display, including the mold manufacturing and purchasing platform developed by, are positioned to integrate the Internet Plus component into intelligent mold manufacturing.

In addition, mold manufacturing and automated processing, mold management EAct analysis, CAD/CAM/CAE integration and information management technologies from several Chinese exhibitors, including CAXA Technology, EMan Software Technology and Suzhou Fangtian Industries, are expected to grab the attention of mold manufacturers, as these technologies will enable the vendors to significantly improve production quality and efficiency based on their existing hardware and to complete industrial upgrades without the need to purchase additional equipment. At the Internet Plus Die and Mold Collaborative Manufacturing Summit, representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will provide insights into the "Made in China 2025" program, with a focus on cloud services and collaborative manufacturing in the internet era.

DMC2016 welcomes industry professionals from both China and around the world to attend the event where they will have extensive opportunities to network and engage in an exchange of viewpoints with industry peers. The organizers will make every effort to create a great industry event that can keep up with what is going on across the industry. We look forward to meeting and exchanging opinions with you during the exhibition.

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