Henan Jiyuan I&S orders Danieli EWR to upgrade its bar mill

31 July 2020

K-Weld technology will increase productivity and efficiency, maintaining product quality

Henan Jiyuan I&S in China contracted Danieli to upgrade its 150-tph rebar mill with Endless Welding Rolling technology. With the addition of a new K-Weld machine, billets will be joined at mill entrance to form a continuous billet, allowing endless rolling thus improving productivity and efficiency.

Danieli EWR systems feature independent burr cleaning and preserve final product-quality consistency.

K-Welding technology eliminates the billet gap time and increases the operating speed thanks to the improved stability in rolling parameters.

Danieli EWR process brings a 12-14% improvement in mill productivity and a 99% rise in material yield as end and tail cropping are eliminated, with related benefits in plant efficiency, production costs, and material-quality homogeneity across the range of whole endlessly rolled stock.

The startup is scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

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Source: danieli.com