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ITM Poland 2015: Technological seventh gear

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

In age of the Internet, when all the information can be obtained while sitting comfortably behind the desk, trade fairs remain an invaluable tool for building and developing a company. They make it possible for everyone to learn about the latest technologies, follow the innovations, compare offers and establish new contacts in the most effective and comfortable way. It is therefore not surprising that ITM Poland - Innovations Technologies Machines Fair in Pozna? (June 9-12, 2015), the only such a large scale event in Poland and one of the most important in Europe, for years has become an increasingly stronger brand. It brings together all sectors associated with the metal industry.

The ITM Poland Fair, from year to year, has been growing in relation to the number of exhibitors and visitors. In 2014, hundreds of companies from 30 countries presented their products in Pozna?, and the exhibition was visited by 16,728 guests from Poland and abroad. This year's edition promises to be even more interesting, and thus it is worth finding out why you should visit Pozna? in June this year.

Technological avant-garde

Innovation has always been in the very centre of the ITM Poland Fair. Most of the exhibitors ensure that the offer they present comprises the most modern machinery, services and technologies. This, coupled with the fact that the entire industry arrives to Pozna? and that the Fair is of an international nature,is a kind of a meter of technological progress and a platform for locating a company or product on the industrial map of Europe.

A place for leaders

The industry leaders have already announced their participation in the Fair, including for example the SECO/WARWICK Group - one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for thermal processes that will present at the Fair in June, among other things, the production technology of large format graphene using the GraphMaster reactor. That globally unique high-temperature device with screen thermal insulation and vacuum system based on a turbo molecular pump enables the production of graphene in the sizes up to 500 x 500 [mm].

Technological link of a number of industries

As part of this year's exhibition, which will be organized on the surface area of nine halls and seven theme exhibitions (Mach-Tool, Metalforum, Surfex, Welding, Hape, Science for the Economy, Industrial Health and Safety), visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of such industries as the machine, automotive, welding, varnishes, munitions, energy and railway ones. In the halls in Pozna?, one will see machinery and equipment for metalworking, welding or paint coating, hydraulics, pneumatics, and metallurgy. Industrial robots and manipulators will be also present. Everything in motion, in the dynamics typical for the innovative way of thinking about the industry.

The ITM Poland Fair will be accompanied bythe Subcontracting - Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition and matchmaking meetings, i.e. Subcontracting ITM Meetings.

Innovative industry brand

At a time when the pressure to optimize processes, improve productivity, quality and industrial efficiency is a factor that is consistently present in the minds of manufacturers and owners of companies, the ITM Poland Fair is a trigger of development and a driving force of future success. ITM Poland means modern technologies, innovations for the development, and advanced machinery. All in one place, in a nutshell, but on a grand scale.

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