King Steel joins forces with Siemens to take Taiwan to the forefront of green manufacturing

5 September 2022

King Steel Machinery Co. Taiwanese company and German conglomerate Siemens have joined forces, in collaboration with industrial equipment supplier Ruhyih Automation, to begin integrating digital twin technologies into injection molding machines. The agreement guarantees energy and carbon reduction across the sector, incorporating energy efficiency from the beginning of the production process. Through this agreement, the three parties will help put Taiwan at the forefront of a global sustainable manufacturing effort.

Representatives from the three companies gathered at the 20th meeting of the Taiwan -German Joint Business Council, where high-level officials from the economic ministries of both countries attended to discuss economic and sustainability initiatives. The highlight of the event was the signing of a tripartite cooperation agreement between Siemens Taiwan, King Steel and Ruhyih Automation. This isn't the first time the three manufacturing giants have worked together. Over the past year, they've joined forces to advance Industry 4.0, each bringing their own unique experience to the table.

It would be hard to find a more compatible trio. Siemens Taiwan has been championing Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and automation solutions for some time now. King Steel , a pioneer in the manufacture of elastic foam making machines, is committed to innovation and bringing its vision of sustainable manufacturing to life across the footwear manufacturing industry and beyond. Meanwhile, Ruhyih Automation, one of Siemens' distributors, specializes in technical services and product development for the automatic control industry.

In the latest agreement, the three global companies come together again to represent Taiwan and Germany, promoting energy efficiency, carbon reduction and information security, as well as continuing to support the advancement of ESG 4.0, combining ESG & Industry 4.0.