Metal + Metallurgy China 2019 to Forge an Asian’s Annual Industrial Event on the theme of “Intelligent and Green”

6 November 2018

The Asia’s No. 1 and the world’s second largest casting metallurgical event - Metal + Metallurgy China 2019 (a collective name for the 17th China International Foundry Expo, the 13th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition, the 19th China International Metallurgical Industry Expo, the 15th China International Refractories and Industrial Ceramic Exhibition and the 17th China International Industrial Furnace Exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 13-16 March 2019. With the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Green and Environmental Protection”, the exhibition will further increase its show scale by setting up outdoor pavilions, reaching the total exhibition area of 100,000 square meters.

The sectors of metallurgy and foundry are not only basic industries of the manufacturing industry, but also the basic guarantee for the innovation and development of many host products and high-end technical equipment. Die casting is the most widely used metal casting process in the foundry process, and its market demand will increase dramatically with the continual promotion of “Made in China 2025”. At Metal + Metallurgy China 2019, the die casting exhibition area will be upgraded into an independent fair for the first time, namely as China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition, bringing together various types of die casting parts, die casting machines, die casting alloys and auxiliary materials, and post-processing equipment for die casting parts. Up to now, well-known die casting companies in the industry are all registering the shows.

In the past, the traditional metallurgical and casting industry were featured with such aspects as high input, high consumption, high emissions, low output, and low efficiency in a prominent manner. Therefore, it easily caused a lot of energy resource consumption and pollutant emissions. With the promulgation of the Three-Year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defence War and the Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020) and other policies, the green transformation and upgrading of the metallurgy and foundry industry has become imminent. Now, the industry is accelerating the implementation of “replacing labor force with machines” to further improve equipment automation and production efficiency in related enterprises. Furthermore, the industry has propelled the development of green standards for enterprises, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, and resolve overcapacity issues. In next year’s show, there will be a sharp increase in the number of environmentally friendly metallurgical and foundry exhibitors, thus collectively showcasing the applications of advanced technologies, processes and equipment in both energy saving and environmental protection in this field.

In addition, the star-studded international hall will set up the robot and automation exhibition area for the first time. International companies from Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and other countries will showcase robotic arms, industrial robot application products and solutions, and industrial automation, providing domestic foundry companies with the learning exchange platform, where industrial automation and green concept will be implemented in the metallurgical and casting production process.

In parallel with the show, China International Steel Summit, the Second Meeting of the 8th Council of China Foundry Association, the 15th Annual Congress of China Foundry Association, Innovation Award for China Foundry Equipment and other high-end activities will also be held.

According to the organizers, the Metal + Metallurgy China 2019 will put emphasis on the opportunities under the new normal development, focus on intelligence and green, foster new growth points in industrial development, and achieve green, healthy and sustainable development of the industry as a whole. Notably, a number of overseas media from over a dozen of countries, including Germany, the UK, France, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, India, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand have been attracted to pay great attention to and cover the exhibition.

Metal + Metallurgy China 2019 is jointly organized by China Iron and Steel Association, China Foundry Association, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), Metallurgical Council of CCPIT, Industrial Furnace Institution of CMES and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

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