Northern Tool + Equipment Launches New Line of NorthStar Engines

17 January 2024

Northern Tool + Equipment has launched a new line of NorthStar Engines with multiple options ranging from 180cc to 825cc. This new engine lineup allows the manufacturer and retailer to bring more power, durability and reliability to customers by integrating the engines into several lines of NorthStar equipment, including air compressors, pressure washers, water pumps, sprayers, log splitters and, most recently, NorthStar Generators.

"We are excited to offer a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) system in much of the new line of engines," said Andy Strom, Northern Tool + Equipment's Senior VP, Product Development and Manufacturing. "This technology eliminates inconsistent starts, uses less fuel and provides more power than traditional carbureted models."

The new line of engines was tested head-to-head against leading commercial-grade engines for over 1,000 hours. Engines were then disassembled and analyzed by an independent powertrain authority, who determined that NorthStar engines offer durability equal to the top commercial-grade engines on the market today.

"We were eager to guide Northern Tool + Equipment and bring on Mahle for additional expertise. This trio of industry experts worked together seamlessly to achieve Northern's vision, specifically related to the unique and elevated durability and application needs for this professional-grade equipment," said Neil Wright, Managing Director of Vepro Limited. "We're impressed by their commitment to provide customers with a product they have total confidence in."

In addition to being integrated into NorthStar equipment, many of these NorthStar engines will be available in a raw form to incorporate into unique builds or to repower old equipment. Northern Tool + Equipment is also backing these engines up with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

"Our NorthStar line of professional-grade products help tackle the toughest jobs," said Jeff Land, Northern Tool + Equipment's Senior VP, Merchandising. "From professionals to do-it-yourselfers, our NorthStar products address their needs and provide cutting-edge technology ensuring quality, performance and reliability."

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