Northwest Pipe Company to Supply Pipe for Infrastructure Modernization Project in Central Oregon

23 September 2020

Northwest Pipe Company, an industry leader of engineered pipeline systems for water infrastructure, was recently selected to supply steel water pipe for an infrastructure modernization project for the Central Oregon Irrigation District.

The Smith Rock-King Way Infrastructure Modernization project will convert 7.9 miles of open-ditch irrigation canals into an underground, closed-piped system. The pressurized system will reduce water loss from seepage by an estimated 29.4 cubic feet per second, or 9,392 acre-feet annually. Water saved from the project will pass to the North Unit Irrigation District for agricultural use during the irrigation season. In turn, the North Unit Irrigation District will release an equal volume of water into the Deschutes River from Wickiup Reservoir for fish and aquatic species habitat improvement.

Northwest Pipe Company will manufacture approximately 15,176 feet of both 102- and 108-inch diameter polyurethane lined and coated engineered steel pipe to transport irrigation water in Deschutes County, Oregon. The Company will manufacture over 3,215 tons of pipe for this project.

"This is an exciting modernization project for our Company," states Scott Montross, President and CEO of Northwest Pipe Company. "Our large diameter engineered steel pipe is ideal for irrigation infrastructure. Its stability and durability will provide long-term efficiency and safety to the Irrigation District and community while benefiting both farmers and native fish and wildlife species."

In addition to improving water conservation, the project will improve water delivery reliability and improve public safety by removing open canals and laterals. Construction is expected to start October 1 and run through April, 2022. Taylor Northwest, LLC, a heavy construction contractor headquartered in Bend, Oregon, is acting as CM/GC.

About Northwest Pipe Company – Founded in 1966, Northwest Pipe Company is the largest manufacturer of engineered steel water pipeline systems in North America. The Company produces high-quality engineered steel water pipe, bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe, Permalok® steel casing pipe, precast and reinforced concrete products through Geneva Pipe and Precast, as well as custom linings, coatings, joints, and one of the largest offerings of fittings and specialized components in North America. Northwest Pipe Company provides solution-based products for a wide range of markets including water transmission and infrastructure, water and wastewater plant piping, trenchless technology, and piping rehabilitation. Strategically positioned to meet growing water and wastewater infrastructure needs, the Company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, and has manufacturing facilities across North America. Please visit for more information.

Aaron Wilkins
Chief Financial Officer
Northwest Pipe Company
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