Opta Group LLC Joins ResponsibleSteel™

11 May 2022

Opta Group LLC, a portfolio company of Speyside Equity, announced today that it has joined ResponsibleSteel. A nonprofit organization, ResponsibleSteel is the steel industry's first global, multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative. Its mission is to maximize steel's contribution to a sustainable society.

"As members of our communities, Opta Group has always operated in a manner that respects the environment," says John Dietrich, CEO of Opta Group. "Recently, Opta Group has placed a significant focus on ESG and is excited to be joining ResponsibleSteel as we move towards becoming an integral part of sustainable steel."

Steel is the world's most widely used material, and purchasers have a growing expectation that the steel they use has been responsibly sourced and produced. ResponsibleSteel has created a worldwide standard and certification program to help the industry meet those expectations.

"We are very excited to welcome Opta to ResponsibleSteel. Opta is a global leader within the industry, meeting crucial steelmaking needs," says Ali Lucas, acting CEO of ResponsibleSteel. "By joining ResponsibleSteel, Opta is taking a significant step towards committing to our vision of a more sustainable and responsible sector."

To learn more about ResponsibleSteel, visit https://www.responsiblesteel.org/about/.

About Opta Group

Opta Group is a performance materials company offering a diverse product portfolio to serve a multitude of iron and steelmaking needs. Formed by the union of Opta Minerals, Affival, and now Metcan, Opta Group has become the world leader in iron desulfurization and cored-wire products. The company also provides high-quality slag conditioners, tundish fluxes, ladle sands, and insulators, in addition to other equipment and services its customers require. We develop products in close partnership with our customers, with their specifications in mind. From tap to cast, Opta has become the essential ingredient to steelmaking customers across the globe.

About Speyside Equity

Speyside Equity is a private equity firm that makes control investments in middle-market businesses. Taking an operations-intensive approach, Speyside targets companies with histories of solid revenue, defensible positions in their respective markets, and core groups of managers that can move their businesses forward.

Founded in 2004, Speyside has closed 28 acquisitions across the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Its investments include manufacturers of specialty chemicals or minerals, building products, food ingredients, and plastics, as well as metal formers and fabricators. Speyside's portfolio companies have generated total annual revenues exceeding $1.1 billion while employing more than 3,800 people. The firm's transactions have included diverse situations, including private sales, corporate carve-outs, and public-to-private conversions.


Source: prnewswire.com