Oryx Stainless Expands its Trading Team and Product Portfolio - Kurt Wierscholowski Moves from ELG-Haniel-Group

13 March 2020

The international stainless steel scrap processor Oryx Stainless continues its successful growth: Kurt Wierscholowski could be attracted from the ELG-Haniel-Group to start on 1st April 2020. With many years of experience in the industry he will complement and support the management team.

Kurt Wierscholowski was with the ELG-Haniel-Group for 28 years, most recently as managing director of the Eisenlegierungen Handelsgesellschaft mbH in Duisburg and also of Jewometaal Stainless Processing B.V. in Rotterdam.

Michael Pawlowski, Chairman and shareholder of Oryx Stainless Group, stated "Throughout his career, Kurt Wierscholowki has gained an incredible reputation and built an enormous network in the stainless steel and special alloy sector. We are very pleased that this very experienced colleague will now combine his strengths with our strengths".

Wierscholowski, despite an international career and experiences, has never forgotten his Westphalian down-to-earth roots. Wierscholowski stated "Oryx Stainless, in the last years, has maintained an impressive growth in stainless steel recycling. Especially on a global comparison and in difficult market conditions, Oryx has been able to assert itself magnificently, without neglecting the personal bond with customers and suppliers, and also with fellow colleagues. I am very much looking forward to being able to bring my know-how to a very experienced and innovative team in a professional environment."

"We want to further increase our market share and to engage in new business sectors. In order to achieve this, Kurt Wierscholowski is a big asset, bringing with him a unique combination of material, processing and management expertise", Tobias Kämmer, Chief Executive Officer of Oryx Stainless Group, expanded. His focus will, therefore, be the development of new trade segments.

Notes for the editorial staff:

The Oryx Stainless Group, founded in 1990, is one of the world's leading organisations for raw materials used in the production of high-quality stainless steels. The Group focuses its business activities on the handling and processing of stainless-steel scrap into Oryx Stainless Blends. These secondary raw material blends – individually adapted for the respective stainless-steel producers – replace above all primary raw materials such as ferronickel, ferrochromium and ferromolybdenum.

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