Primetals Technologies to supply new process optimization for all four BOF converters of EVRAZ NTMK in Russia

12 November 2020

In July 2020, EVRAZ NTMK, a Russian steel producer, awarded Primetals Technologies an order to upgrade process optimization of the four BOF converters in its Nizhnij Tagil plant in Russia. The intelligent software from Primetals Technologies will replace the existing Level 2. Currently, the converter operators frequently have to intervene manually. The new process optimization solution offers dynamic, physical models with greater computational accuracy, and will allow improved converter operation, providing optimal converter production control across all shifts. The standardized mode of operation is expected to be accompanied by a reduction in the quantities of additives used. The contract negotiations and initial project meetings were held by video conference. Primetals Technologies experts are scheduled to commission the plants in Linz, Austria, and Yekaterinburg, Russia, in the summer of 2021. Primetals Technologies will also provide additional support to EVRAZ NTMK for the adaptation of the Level 1 system.

Modern process optimization for converters

EVRAZ NTMK is upgrading the existing process optimization on the four converters in its Nizhnij Tagil plant in Russia. After Primetals Technologies has modernized the Level 1 system, the existing Level 2 system will also be replaced. The new process optimization solution offers more accurate physical models for calculating the metallurgical processes and more exact process parameters, such as the tapping temperature and the chemical composition of the molten steel. The modern user interface of the software offers operators ease of use with its intuitive handling and clear layout. Primetals Technologies will assist EVRAZ NTMK with the adaptation of the Level 1 system.

Local and digital project execution

One great advantage for project execution is the local support provided by Primetals Technologies employees in the Yekaterinburg location in Russia, and the support of Primetals Technologies experts at the location in Linz, Austria, who are connected, as required by the situation at hand, to internet-based remote cooperation via digital solutions. Commissioning is scheduled for the summer of 2021. Particularly in recent months, Primetals Technologies has successfully brought a number of plants online by remote support. This has also involved video conference solutions, head-mounted display units and augmented reality solutions.

EVRAZ is a multinational, vertically integrated steel production and mining corporation headquartered in London, Great Britain. With an annual production of 4.9 million metric tons of pig iron and 4.3 million metric tons of steel, EVRAZ NTMK is one of the largest steel works in Russia. The integrated iron and steel works in the city of Nizhnij Tagil, in the Sverdlovsk Region in the Urals, primarily produces train wheels, rails, structural steel, pipe blanks and semifinished products. The Nizhnij Tagil location is one of Russia's oldest steelmaking and mining centers.

All four EVRAZ NTMK converters in the Nizhnij Tagil plant in Russia will be equipped with Primetals Technologies process optimization.

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