Taiwan's Innovations in Smart Metal Forming & Welding Showcased at FABTECH

22 September 2021

Ongoing automation advances by Taiwan's metal forming and welding companies are helping customers reduce errors, eliminate waste, and cope with the shortage of skilled workers, according to a webinar held in conjunction with last week's FABTECH 2021 conference in Chicago. Companies participating in the webinar,  "Innovative Thinking and Metal Forming and Welding after the Pandemic," predicted continuing innovations that will further trim processing time, limit manpower needs, support unskilled operators, and even enable job setup from home.

Kent Hughes of Cosen Saws, a leading band saw manufacturer, cited the ability of the new Q-Cut™ component of the company's Mechalogix™ CPC (Cosen Predictive Computing) application to reduce operator input error by enabling QR code-based work orders with pre-set parameters to be loaded into the job screen of the saw's dashboard. Q-Cut is helping eliminate mistakes by inexperienced operators, extending Mechalogix benefits that include the ability to accurately forecast the number of remaining cutting hours left before a saw blade is no longer cutting with precision or likely to break.

Scott Braito of SEYI America, a global press supplier, referenced similar automated job input and machine monitoring capabilities in the company's Intelligent Manufacturing System that help ensure proper job setup, improve machine uptime, and provide easy management visibility into equipment operation issues. He also discussed SEYI's fully programmable slide motion feature – including a variety of time-saving, pre-programmed slide motion profiles – that help optimize part quality and prevent errors that can reduce manufacturer profitability.

Chuck Wong of Tailift Co. Ltd. spotlighted newer automated features in the company's laser cutting equipment and sheet metal machinery, such as an automatic loading and unloading system that includes storage as well as the ability to customize the number of shelves. Tailift's newest AC Servo drive and numerical control technology spans turret CNC punching press, CNC press brake and laser cutting equipment, including newer punching machines that offer integrated punching, forming, rolling and tapping functionality that reduces floor space requirements and improves processing efficiency.

Crystal Sung of Da Jie Electricity Machinery Industrial Co, Ltd. highlighted Da Jie's recently enhanced automation capabilities, including an intelligent controls systems that delivers a 45% power savings, 50% increase in production capacity, 80% manpower savings, and production yield increases of up to 100%. Features include more than 100 built-in parameters to simplify setup, an automatic loading and unloading system with a robotic arm, and more. Da Jie's metal forming and welding machines are used to produce automotive parts as well as products in many other industries.

Susan Huang of Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses for sheet metal forming and related uses in the automotive and home appliance industries, described newer Dees hot-forming presses capable of taming ultra-high-strength steel and firm aluminum alloys in order to overcome post-forming bounceback issues and improve the accuracy of finished parts. The company also offers high-precision stamping advances and Industry 4.0 abilities such as remote PLC monitoring, history review systems and program-fixing tools.