Xinhua Silk Road: C. China's old industrial city eyes modern transformation through high-quality development

30 May 2023

As an important industrial base in central China's Hunan Province, the city of Hengyang has been promoting the transformation of its manufacturing sector toward intelligent development in recent years, featuring high-end value chains and high-precision technologies.

Accommodating 37 of all 41 industrial sectors, Hengyang is one of the cities with the most complete industrial categories in Hunan. Thanks to its continuous efforts in underlining the quality of manufacturing, the city's gross domestic product (GDP) topped 400 billion yuan (about 56.56 billion U.S. dollars) for the first time in 2022.

Emphasizing advanced manufacturing as the city's pillar industry, Hengyang has been promoting the transition of its major sectors toward high-end development, intelligent upgrade and integrated growth.

For instance, the city has remained a leading force in the power transmission and transformation sector which is enabled by 5G technologies. The Hengyang Smart Valley has been constantly supporting the upgrades of local enterprises, boosting settlements of smart manufacturing units, production lines and plants.

Energized by the innovative efforts of traditional local firms such as Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co., Ltd. (HYST) and Hengfei Cable Co., Ltd., as well as young enterprises including Kaixin Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Hengyang Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd., the city is witnessing strong momentum and vitality of industrial development.

TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. has participated in the constructions of 28 ultra-high-voltage (UHV) alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) projects. Undertaking a series of key scientific and technological research tasks, the company has engaged in multiple major energy projects including the world's first 1000kV UHV AC experimental demonstration project, safeguarding the balanced and sustainable development of China's eastern and western regions.

HYST is another example of promoting innovation-driven development, with its self-developed submarine pipeline of special use filling a technical gap in the domestic market, and its products applied in world-class offshore oil exploration platforms such as the Bluewhale I and so on. So far, the company is holding 19 key core technologies and 21 world and national records.