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We have several services for metal material removal. Our milling machinery uses multiple cutting bits to shape parts into their correct and specified sizes. We also have the machinery capable of turning out metal parts. Our lathe turns a metal part at a high speed on its axis allowing us to give clean profile cuts to your piece.

Here at ABT Metals, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality services that ensure that they get the metal parts they need in a timely manner. Our engineers work hard to ensure that our processes are optimized to make sure that you not only get enough parts, but also make sure that the parts are of the highest quality possible. Customers will benefit from our collection of cutting edge equipment and technology that will ensure that every part we produce is of the highest standard. If you are in need of metal milling or metal turning services, contact ABT Metals today. We will be more than happy to give you a free quote and help you develop an efficient process to manufacture your metal part. 


Milling, also known as machining, is a process that is used to remove material from a piece of metal. This process is different from metal cutting in the way that the milling machine uses a multi-toothed bit to remove small pieces of metal one at a time at a fast rate. Milling or machining is an efficient way to drill, bore, create slots, or even manufacture metal gears. If you are in need of metal machining or metal milling services to create your metal part ABT Metals can help you. Our CNC machining tools allow us to create your metal parts quickly and accurately. 


Metal turning or spinning is a process that is used to shape metal parts. Just as the name implies, the metal piece is turned. The piece spins while a stationary bit is used to remove material from metal. Some different metal turning methods include straight turning, taper turning profiling, and external grooving. If you are in need of metal turning services for your part, contact ABT Metals today. Our team of engineers will be more than happy to help you develop an efficient and cost effective metal turning process that will help you get the metal parts you need cheaper and faster.


ABT Metals uses HAAS and Okuma CNC multi axis milling and turning machines to produce consistent, high quality, production parts for customers’ specific needs. From our 12,000rpm milling centers to our multi axis live head lathe, ABT Metals has the machines to get your job done. We use Inventor & AutoCAD for designing parts & tooling, and GibbsCam for machining these items on our equipment. By staying current with technology, it is the customer who benefits from our processes. Our goal is to produce a high quality part for our customer that can be used immediately upon receipt instead of having to wait on post-receiving inspections. Our current customers already have this benefit and you should too.

If you are interested in metal milling or metal turning services, contact ABT Metals today. Not only will we be able to handle all of your metal turning and machining needs, we will also work with you to help you refine your process and create a system that will help produce your metal part as fast and as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free quote for your metal part order. 

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