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Weathering-resistant steels

Weathering-resistant steels

Lasting protection, without painting or coating

Weathering-resistant steels provide lasting protection against the effects of the weather, with the benefit that you can dispense with corrosion-protection painting or coating, and their continuous maintenance, for your structures. This enhances durability, cuts maintenance costs, and also generates other practical benefits, in cases such as poorly accessible bridge structures, for example.

The Dillinger range for your needs:

  • Dillinger supplies weathering-resistant steels in the AR = as-rolled, N = normalised and M = thermomechanically rolled delivery states.

  • Production using thermomechanical rolling, as in the case, for example, of our DIWETEN 460 weathering-resistant proprietary steel, is recommendable to assure higher mechanical strength and better weldability.

  • Our weathering-resistant steels can be supplied in accordance with various international standards, such as EN 10025, Part 5, and ASTM A709, for example.

Useful information on weathering-resistant steels:

Thanks to the addition of special alloying elements, weathering-resistant steels do not just rust away under exposure to normal atmospheric conditions, but instead form a stable, corrosion-inhibiting surface patina. It is therefore possible to omit any corrosion-protection painting or coating, a fact which assures significant benefits for the maintenance and the durability of your structures. Engineers wishing to use weathering-resistant steels must adhere to certain design structures. Various national codes of practice, such as DASt. (German Committee for Steel Construction) Code of Practice 007, for example, provide assistance on this.

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