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Laservac™ Smoke Evacuation System

Laservac™ Smoke Evacuation System

Laservac™ Smoke Evacuation System

Laservac™ Smoke Evacuation Systems offer a versatile smoke plume management solution for today’s operating environments in clinics and theatres. The dangers of surgical smoke plume generated during laser, diathermy, and electrosurgery are well documented and it is strongly recommended that smoke evacuation units be used to protect both patient and healthcare professionals from the potential hazards of surgical smoke.

Walker Filtration recognised a requirement within the medical sector for effective smoke evacuation and developed the Laservac™ product range. Filtration is achieved in three stages – by air passing through a pre-filter and a two stage, high efficiency filter combining ULPA grade media and activated carbon. The combined effectiveness of the smoke evacuator and overall total filtration package provides an efficiency of >99.9999% at 0.01 micron.

The highest standards of quality are vital for equipment of this nature. Each Laservac™ filter is individually tested to ensure performance and filtration integrity to the highest standards. All electrical controls are safe for medical use and conform to IEC 60101.

The Laservac™ 750 is a portable, lightweight machine, incorporating variable flow capacities making it suitable for use in operating theatre and clinic environments.

  • It also has a primary filter life of 2 hours with a secondary filter life of 6 months

  • A quiet smoke evacuator, with variable flow control

  • Has 99.9999% efficiency at 0.12 micron

  • Efficient odour removal of surgical smoke during general surgery

  • Conforms to international medical equipment standards.

  • Avoid smoke biohazards during general surgery


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