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Cut & Bend of Reinforcement Bar

Cut & Bend of Reinforcement Bar

Cut & Bend of Reinforcement Bar

FAISAL STEEL’s Cut & Bend Reinforcement Bar Division (C & B) was established to produce steel reinforcement bars in the required lengths and shapes for use in construction. This division is well equipped with ultra-modern, state-of-the-art equipment from the world-famous m/c manufacturer, as well as the latest software, including BBS detailing through CAD RC and ARMOUR software.

All of our equipment for cutting and bending conforms to international standards, ASTM, ACI-316, BS-4466, BS-8666 for reinforcing steel to cut down steel wastage and delivery time. This also produces steel products with higher dimensional precision. Our shear line, double bender, single bender and stirrup machines utilize advanced computer programming features to create distinctive shapes and sizes.

Our prefabrication standards help our customers raise productivity standards in their construction projects. Our solutions can be customized to any project’s requirements, such as timelines, manpower and inventory management, as well as reduce material wastage.

Adhering to international practices and standards for the construction industry has the following major benefits:

  • Quick delivery that is ready for installation

  • Production with a delivery schedule in line with the client’s requirements

  • Minimal wastage of steel

  • A JIT approach that will optimally minimize space and on-site labour requirements

  • A significant reduction in construction time

  • Production in accordance with international standards like BS and ASTM guidelines

The advantage of using factory-cut and bent steel reinforcement bars is realized in labour requirements, machinery requirements, waste steel, time and quality consistency.

Finally, since the cutting and bending is carried out by machines, the measurements and consistency in the bending of multiple bars will be spot-on, which a manual process cannot practically achieve.


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