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Andre Hvac International Inc.

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Spring Hangers

Spring Hangers

Spring Hangers/ NEO Spring Hangers

ANDRE HVAC International Inc (AHI) is leader & Consultant of Vibration & Noise control products for HVAC Industries. AHI is manufacturing Spring Hangers/Spring Vibration Hangers in CANADA since 2003. AHI is providing complete range of products of Spring hangers 1" Deflection, Spring Hangers for 2" deflection, Neo Spring Hangers 1" deflection & Neo spring Hangers for 2" deflection. These Hanger Isolators consist of heavy duty steel springs& steel brackets.

Function & Application of Spring Hangers & Neo Spring Hangers

The function of spring hangers is to absorb vibration & vibration related noise of Fans, Fan coil Units, Ducts & Pipes etc. The vibration absorber by spring Hangers will be better if you use higher defection springs like 2". The efficiency goes over 90%.

Neo Spring hangers are still better & recommended by engineers because of additional Neoprene element at the top of the bracket which eliminates metal to metal contact.

Features of Spring Hangers/Neo Spring Hangers

Spring Hangers are large diameter steel springs housed in rectangular steel housings. AHI Standard design allows angular hanger misalignment. Many AHI Spring hangers are designed with rubber cup in place of metal cup in the bottom of the bracket which eliminates metal to metal contact& give better efficiency.

Springs are galvanised & not painted for better rust protection

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