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Conversion Coatings

Conversion Coatings

Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings is a generic term used to refer to a coating produced by a chemical or electrochemical treatment of a metallic surface that gives a superficial layer containing a compound of the metal. For ease of explanation we are going to further sub-divide this category into steel conversion coatings, chromate conversion coatings, and anodize which is covered elsewhere.

Steel Conversion Coatings (Black Oxide & Phosphate)

Black Oxide:

Black Oxide is a conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction with the iron in the metal to form an integral protective surface. (Contrasted to an applied coating which bonds to the metal but does not react chemically.) A black oxide conversion coating is applied to ferrous alloys when oxidizing salts react with the iron to form magnetite (Fe3O4), the black oxide of iron. Though standard Black Oxide is set up for steel, it can be done on other substrates including stainless steel, copper, and brass among others.

Typically black oxide has a post dip of either oil or wax to improve the corrosion protection of the finish. Black oxide offers a nice, matte black appearance at a low cost.

Black Oxide Features:

  • Corrosion Resistance (when oiled/waxed)

  • Appearance

  • Cost Competitive

  • Dimensional Stability

Black Oxide Applications:

  • Model railroad track

  • Firearm components

  • Precision bearings

  • Tooling

Black Oxide Specifications:

  • AMS 2485

  • MIL C 13924

  • MIL DTL 13924


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