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20 Ton Magna Chain Hoist

20 Ton Magna Chain Hoist


44,000 lbs capacity

Please call for pricing

Units are not in stock but can be shipped direct to anywhere from varies wharehouses.

Pull to lift capacity is 90 lbs X 2 ea hand chains

Load chain falls: 8

Weight for 10' lift 403 lbs; 51 lbs for each additional 5' of lift

Load tested to 66,000 lbs

Magna Hoists are made in South Korea NOT China like so many other hoists in the market place and yet are almost the same price. Yet are much cheaper than Harrington, made in Japan by Kito Hoist. We have been selling Magna to oilfield contractors on Alaska's North Slope because they come with special grease that allows them to be used down to -40F and they have been very happy, "They work just like Harringtons in the dead of winter but are much more affordable." If your looking for a high quality hoist at a very attractive price try Magna.

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