AWC Manufacturing LP

AWC Manufacturing LP

163 Curtis Dr, Guelph, ON N1K 1S3, Canada

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Benefits

AWC Manufacturing’s industrial manufacturing service offers a number of advantages to capital equipment builders and project firms.

  • time and cost savings
  • technology
  • project management
  • space and resources
  • skilled work force
  • equipment and processes
  • experience
  • working capital

Our multi-location manufacturing facilities allow simultaneous fabrication of many projects serving multiple market sectors.

Our specialized process and material handling techniques for large steel plate manufacturing, fabricating and finishing have developed organically as projects have become larger. Efficient job scheduling, systems, and logistics complement our manufacturing capabilities.

Steady work from various market sectors keeps our team of skilled trade welders and machinists engaged which has resulted in very low employee turnover in our skilled trades.

With multiple facilities in Southwestern Ontario, AWC Manufacturing is an effective supply partner to all areas of North America.

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