Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces

Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces

The Al-melt, Al-hold and Al Melt and Hold series of non-ferrous melting furnaces have the technology to meet the challenges of production with less cost and less down time. Special features include automatic temperature control system, original heating elements, uniform heating around the crucible, swing cover to avoid heat loss and a fully integrated self-contained combustion system.

Forging Furnaces

Unlike sealed quench furnaces and continuous conveyor furnaces, forging furnaces find use in applications such as general forge work, tool dressing, hot bending, etc. The walls and hearth of the forging furnace is designed to provide abrasion and shock resistance. Their unique design has made ATF's forging furnaces find place in reputed forge shops across Inida.

Forging Furnaces assure uniform temperatures with deviations less than 5°C. They have high thermal efficiency and low maintenance costs, leading to superior performance. The long life provided by the refractory lining makes the forging furnaces cost-effective. These advantages coupled with affordable prices make set these forging furnaces apart.

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