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Air-Air Heat Exchanger

Air-Air Heat Exchanger


The MIX range of wall or door mounted air-air heat exchangers have been designed to cool electrical enclosures to prevent failure of electrical equipment. They are quick and easy to install with simplified cutouts and a drilling template supplied with each unit. Once installed the enclosure can be rated to IP54, which prevents dust entering in sufficient quantities that may cause interference with the installed equipment, and prevents damage from splashed water.

MIX units extract hot air from the top of the enclosure, cool it via highly efficient heat exchange surfaces, and then expel it in a low pressure jet towards the bottom of the enclosure. This equipment relies on the ambient air temperature for cooling, rather than a refridgeration circuit such as those on the EGO and DEK units.

Cooling capacities vary from 14W/K to 80W/K with various options on the supply power.


  • IP54 protection rating – more info on IP ratings

  • Easy installation either inside or outside the cabinet

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Optional temperature control thermostat

  • Highly efficient, optimised heat exchange surfaces


  • Mild steel construction

  • Powdercoated RAL7032 surface finish

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