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Vantage Point

Vantage Point

Problem: Flat roofs can sometimes become problematic and unsightly with rooftop units, mechanical equipment and pooling water.

Solution: Berridge Vantage Point Retrofit Roof System provides a totally new design appearance, hides unsightly mechanical equipment and offers watertight integrity.

Berridge Vantage Point reroofing system combines a new aesthetic look with a simple mechanical attachment over existing flat, built-up roofs that will last for years to come. Vantage Point is more than just a patch-up or a re-roof solution; it is a permanent new roof with a new higher profile which gives your old building a totally new look. The sloped, light-weight, self-supporting metal panels do not need substrate, thus avoiding extra weight and cost. They provide a watertight standing seam that sheds water in contrast to dated, flat, built-up roofs which are subject to water pooling and subsequent leakage. Added insulation may be placed on the existing flat roof.

Economical Installation — No Tear-Off Required!

High-Quality Structural/ Architectural Panels

The Berridge Zee-Lock, Double-Lock Zee-Lock, Cee-Lock and Tee-Lock architectural/structural standing seam roof systems provide superior aesthetic appearance and excellent performance options. (Pictured in order above.)

Single-Source Convenience

The installer orders all necessary coil material, components and all pre-cut retrofit roof system framing members from Berridge.

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