Border Steel Ltd

Border Steel Ltd

3209 Devon Dr, Windsor, ON N8X 4L5, Canada



Border Steel uses heavy-duty machinery (including Canada's largest Blanchard grinder) to precisely grind ferrous materials utilizing a magnetic chuck. We are equally equipped to handle many custom grinding requirements.

Blanchard grinding leaves a trademark cross-hatch surface finish pattern.

We utilize Pin Point Laser Systems measuring tools to ensure absolute accuracy.

Blanchard grinding capabilities:

  • Corner-to-corner grinding up to 153"

  • Max height: 60"

  • Max swing: 153"

  • Magnet: 120"

Border Steel will match or exceed grinding specifications from any competitor:

  • Thickness to size: +/- .003

  • Parallel within +/- .0015 per foot --- max diagonal +/- .005"

  • Flatness .0015 per foot --- full indicator movement .005 max

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