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Castellanos y Echevarría – Vitoria, S.A.

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Bevelling Machine CHP 60 G

Bevelling Machine CHP 60 G

Cevisa innovates further and creates new class of self-feed beveling machine with the launch of the CHP 60 G heavy duty beveling machine. Today it is the most significant advance in mechanized high capacity bevellers, specially developed for large thicknesses and hard steel, merging 2 technologies in one: world unique portable milling and beveling machine with up to 100 mm thick plates. Suitable for duplex, super duplex, hardox, armox…

The CHP 60 G is designed to handle extremely demanding welding tasks by giving users higher bevelling precision, speed performance and quality, fulfilling needs thanks to its angles, width and cut accuracy adjustments.

Benefits of large thicknesses milling cutting bevelling machine CHP 60 G

  • Universal: Designed to bevel any hard material and thicknesses up-to 100 mm
  • High precision beveller: electronic display screens to adjust bevel width and feed& speed rates
  • Increaseding productivity: perfect surface finishing, no steel alteration & no need to grind after bevelling process
  • High ROI: Beveling with the CHP 60 G while cutting plates, low cost rate bevel/min., added value for high precision bevel.
  • Extremely stable machining process: The combination of feeding rollers and 4 bars fixing system held pressure in plates leads to zero vibration & a perfect finish.
  • Reliability: high performance speed for any kind of material and bevel width (mild steel, hardox, hastelloy, duplex, super, duplex…).

Special tool for J-Bevels

It is a device that is pre-installed at the factory. The advantage is that once this device is installed you can make both a “J” chamfer and a normal one.

The values ​​are as follows:

Thickness max. sheet thickness is 70mm with the standard machine, 100mm with special configuration.

The chamfer angle at J is 15-30 °.

Depth max. chamfering in J in several passes of 57.5 mm at 15º and 49.8 mm at 30º.

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