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Wear Pipe

Wear Pipe

Clifton Steel’s SLS600® induction hardened wear pipe is engineered for maximum life in highly abrasive applications, with a special chemistry and core hardened pipe.

Induction hardened pipe is achieved by a unique heating/quenching process. This process alters the microstructure of the steel through the pipe wall, resulting in an inner surface hardness of 600 BHN. While the inner surface provides exceptional abrasion resistance, the outer surface cools slower, remaining more ductile, with a hardness of 250 BHN. The unique process allows the pipe to accommodate service and welding stresses.

This wear pipe is a highly economical solution to many of the abrasive wear problems found with carbon steel pipe. It is also a much more user and maintenance friendly option to replace the heavy, brittle cast piping often used to combat abrasion.


  • Outlasts mild steel pipe by average of 5+ times

  • Reduces maintenance cost, & unplanned outages

  • Wide range of diameters

  • Standard pipe sizes

  • Easy installation & field repair

  • Monolithic material with no laminations

  • Available in straights, bends, wyes, tees & reducers

  • Abrasion resistant up to 450° F

  • Tremendous design & fabrication flexibility

  • Great replacement for heavy, unweldable castwear pipe

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