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Con-Vey’s robotic systems are playing a major role in optimizing production processes.

Many wood product and building material companies struggle to find employees for certain repetitive and monotonous tasks. At Con-Vey, our robotic automation systems provide a solution to your needs.

As an experienced robotic integrator, we provide complete robotics and automation solutions including design, modeling, simulation for movement and time studies, tooling, programming, service, and support. Our robotic automation systems provide safer work environments, save on labor costs, and are proven to increase overall efficiency. That way, you can maintain your competitive advantage and stay ahead of demand.


Our customers have come to expect quality, performance, and durability from everything we produce at Con-Vey. As an ABB Value Provider and partner with Rockwell Automation, we are fully capable of providing an automated system with high-quality parts and technologies, including:

Robotic Feeders

Robotic Stackers

Gantry Systems

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems

Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Vision Systems

Servo Controlled Equipment

Bag Palletizing

Case Palletizing

Machine Tending

Robotic Nailing, Stapling, and Gluing

Pallet Handling

Precision Component Handling

Heavy Load Handling

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