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Semi-Automatic Circular ColdSawing Machine

High Performance, Engineered For Precision,Repetitious Cutting Of . . .

  • Solids
  • Large Pipe
  • Wide Sectionals Of Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum


Model D350 SA Standard Equipment

  • Power Down Feed Unit
  • Double Hinged Guard
  • Double Air Vice
  • Counter
  • Motor Switch
  • Pump Switch
  • Chip Container
  • Coolant Tank
  • 2 Speed Motor
  • Emergency Stop
  • Two-Hand Control
  • Left & Right Vice Pressure Gauge

Model D350 SA Technical Specifications

Gear Box

Constructed of high-grade cast iron, precision machined. This is a direct drive motor to gear box, coupled via 2 piece coupler with a high resistance rubber pad between. This design generates optimum performance in a noise-free atmosphere. Maintenance free.

Safety Guards

Designed with safety and rigidity in mind there 2 piece inner and outer guards work as a shields to fully cover the sawblade and protect operator in any position of the head from accidental contact with sawblade.

Coolant System

Seal-less electric coolant pump is mounted on top of of removable large capacity coolant tank. Tank located in base of machine. Coupled with detachable hose to the coolant nozzle, based on top of inner guard. Flow is easily controlled by valve. Controlled and protected with switch, which gives user the convenience of turning the coolant system on-off and thermally protecting it at the same time.

Electric Motors

Model D350 – 3 HP Motor

Model D315 – 1.5 HP Motor

All Doringer machines are driven by AC constant torque motors. Every motor is protected with overload protection switch, set for your particular machine.

Due to a variety of materials customers are cutting, we offer at no extra charge the following motors:

Model Type “A”: with a 2 speed switch,

Mounted on motor and set for:

On speed #1 – 1700 RPM for mild steel

On speed #2 – 3400 RPM for non-ferrous

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