Induction Furnace Spares

The company manufactures spares for induction furnaces that are retrofitted in the existing arc furnaces.


The wide range of spares supplied by Doshi for Electotherm and other makes of induction furnace include water cooled cables, induction coil, flow switches, coil insulation materials, capacitors, hydraulics, magnetic yokes and cards.



Spares for ABB induction furnaces include water cooled cables, capacitor, power cable, coil and coil insulation materials, flow switches, electrical and electronic parts, transformers, hydraulics, carbon free rubber hose pipe and magnetic yokes.



We also supply the following accessories:



  • Induction coils for induction furnaces up to 20t capacity
  • Crucibles with tilting stands up to 20t capacity
  • Scrap charging buckets
  • Complete new induction furnaces


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