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1x7 Steel Strand

1x7 Steel Strand

1x7 Steel Strand

Hot Dipped Galvanized 1 X 7 Steel Strand

Left Regular Lay, E.H.S.(Extra High Strength Grade) To ASTM A 475 & MIL-DTL-87161

Hot dipped galvanized 1 x 7 steel strands are coated in a layer of molten zinc for added protection and increased durability. This galvanized coating prevents corrosion, making these 1 x 7 steel strands optimal for heavy-duty applications.

Made from resilient carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized 1 x 7 steel strands are ideal for numerous applications, including:

  • Structural support
  • Protective barriers
  • Guard rails

Made from a singular center core and six exterior strands, galvanized 1 x 7 steel strands are rigid and stiff, making it best for bracing and high tension. These steel strands are designed with a Left Regular Lay, which keeps the wire still to minimize elasticity for increased tension.

Our 1 x 7 Steel Strand Options

Elite Sales’ galvanized 1 x 7 steel strands are available in a variety of diameters, depending on the breaking strength required for the application.

The galvanized 1 x 7steel strands from Elite Sales are rated EHS (Extra High Strength Grade) and are made to ASTM A 475 and MIL-DTL-87161 standards.

Elite Sales offers galvanized 1 x 7 steel strands in the following options:

Choose Elite Sales Inc as a Quality 1 x 7 Steel Strand Supplier

Elite Sales is an industry-leading steel strands supplier in Florida, Texas, and Indiana. We service clients nationwide based out of our Tampa, Houston, and Dyer, IN locations.

We carry a wide variety of top-rated equipment designed for ultimate durability and strength. We have a team of experts on our side to answer questions and guide you to the exact products you need, whatever task you have at hand.

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