Emmert Welding and Manufacturing

Emmert Welding and Manufacturing

23500 MO-78 Hwy, Independence, Missouri, 64056, United States

Thermal Spray & Coatings

Thermal Spray & Coatings

HVOF-HP Powder Spray

Arc Wire Spray 

Flame Powder Spray

Ceramic Coating 

Plastics Coating

Custom Combined Material Alloys

Specific Alloys for:

Waste Water Treatment

Food Process

Corrosion Resistance

Rotational Wear Surfaces

Industrial Pumps & Rotary Equipment

Corrosion Resistance

Shaft Repair

Stock Materials

HVOF Spray Powders:

Tungston Carbides (Various)

Chromium Carbides (Various)

Chromium Oxides

Nickel-Chromium Compounds (Moly/Boron/Iron/Cobalt)

Aluminum Compounds

Nickel Super Alloys (Inconel/Hasteloy Etc.)

Plasma Arc Wire Spray:

Hard Facing

Ultra Hard Facing

Super Hard Facing



Stainless Steels


Iron-Chromium Aluminum

Flame Spray Materials:


Various Metal Alloys

Ceramics Mixtures

Polymer Mixtures


  Pump Impellers

  Pump Housings   

  Rotary Shaft Repair

Mill Housings

Pump Sleeves   

High Abrasion Wear Surfaces

OEM Products

Rework/Repair Products   

Surface Texturing

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