Compact Bus Ducts

Entraco offers world's pioneer super compact Bus ducts from BKS Stromschienen Ag. of Switzerland. The range of compact bus ducts includes low voltage, medium voltage and resin cast bus duct. The co-branded Entraco-BKS compact bus ducts are complimented with value added services such as engineering, implementation and commissioning.


Major features of compact bus ducts are:



  • International Standards range from 1000 Amp. - 6300 Amp. / 1000V.
  • Outdoor & Indoor IP 68 Cast Resin.(LV & MV Bu ducts)
  • Indoor Sandwich Busduct IP54
  • Air Insulated Bus Ducts (LV & MV)



Entraco compact bus ducts minimize losses with their low voltage drop. In spite of the compact size, compact bus ducts have higher mechanical strength. These compact bus ducts are EX-protected and are maintenance free.


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