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Multi-Duct Former

Multi-Duct Former

The FIRMAC MDF machine Line is designed to operate in three (3) separate stages, giving the same quality integral flange ductwork as the Firmac Pro-Duct DRS machine, with increased handling but less capital expenditure. The MDF offers either CGF1 or CGF2 integral flanges using a simple three (3) machine process allowing efficient ductwork manufacture for medium to high volume workshops. The three stages are described below

Machine 1

Creates the ductwork blank direct from coil with, levelling, stiffening and notching for the corner folds, and Pittsburgh seam detail. The added feature of the inline Pittsburgh creates the male and female seam as it cuts through the material. The result of this stage is a flat blank in preparation for rolling the integral flange

Machine 2

Is a freestanding Flange former which is identical to the fitting Flange Former offered as part of the Pro-Duct DRS package (refer to CGF1 & CGF2 Flange Rollformer data sheets). This enables straight ducts and fittings to be formed with either the CGF1 or CGF2 flange of your choice. The ductwork blanks are taken from the stage 1 machine and rolled dependant on the Flange size required.

Machine 3

Is the final machine in the straight duct forming operation. The sheet with male and female Pittsburgh on the seam edges and CGF1 or CGF2 Flanges on the remaining two sides is placed on the infeed roller table. The duct size is pre-programmed into the folding machine and the duct is folded and seam closed with minimal operator input. This unique feature designed by FIRMAC allows the Pittsburgh seam to be closed in the duct cycle before being discharged from the machine.

This feature eliminates the need for a separate closing machine (Whisper-lock etc.) and obviously saves all the extra handling time because when the duct exits from the machine it is already complete with a closed seam.


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