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Multistage Pump

Multistage Pump

A multistage pump is a type of pump which contains 2 or more impellers which may be of the same or different types i.e low NPSH suction impeller, double suction impeller or combination with Centrifugal first stage and side channel stage impellers.

What are the multi stage pump parts?

The multistage pump parts are very similar to those of the standard Centrifugal pump except for the Multistage Centrifugal pump where the additional parts are diffusers which efficiently channel the fluid into the eye of the impeller or to the following stage. In the side channel pump, there are intermediate plates with the scalloped side channel and liquid parts.

In multistage centrifugal pumps, because of the high thrust that is generated due to the impellers facing in the same direction, there will be a thrust balance device i.e balance disc or balance drum which reduces the thrust to a level which can be managed by a standard sized thrust bearing.

How does a multi stage pump work?

A multistage pump operates by one impeller feeding into the next impeller and the number of impellers required depend on the discharge pressure requirement. Liquid enters the pump and then passes through the various number of impellers in a sequence from the left to right.

What are the applications and uses for multi stage pumps?

The applications for multi stage pumps are many and varied and can be used for delivering water to high rise buildings, reverse osmosis (RO), boiler feed water, spraying, high pressure cleaning, water works, heating, condensate, fuel delivery, oil and gas production, power generation & mining and other high pressure and temperature applications..

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