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Module Assembly

Module Assembly

“Bringing Projects to Life and on Time.”

Gemini’s over 50 acre facility specializes in modular assembly. Far too often we see the word MODULAR and instantly our minds go to cost and generally that it's "cheaper".

 However, to get to that stage, there are multiple factors to consider.

Let's make a quick note of a few:
 1) How efficient is your design?
 2) What is the long term goal?
 3) Have you engaged a module fabrication partner for upfront constructability support?
 4) What are the dimensions for transport and what can you transport down the highway?
 5) Is there room for flexibility?

Now the benefits of engaging with an expert "Gemini" fabrication facility. 
1) Faster Time to Market 

  • Assembly and testing occur at Mod yard
  • Startup time minimized 
  • Weather delays are almost eliminated 

2) Reduced Costs = Increased ROI

  • Lower operational costs 
  • Efficient use of materials and equipment
  • Higher capital efficiencies are achieved 
  • Does not interrupt or shut down pre-existing operations

3) Safety Benefits 

  • Controlled environment 
  • Fewer onsite personnel required 
  • Reduced on highway time
  • Ideal construction conditions
  • Full modular and checkout before shipment - correct any potential problems 

4) Fewer Resource Requirements 

  • Reduced logistics and handling 
  • Utilize best space layout and existing plant assembly line fashion
  • Production style assembly and perfect construction conditions reduce material waste. Components are simplified as much as possible to reduce overall construction costs
  • Equipment is optimized

5) Higher Quality Assembly and Fabrication 

  • Welding, pipe-fitting and other fabrication processes are performed under ideal conditions
  • Highly trained and experienced assembly and fabrication technicians ensure consistent work and worker availability multiple walk-downs

Our experience, attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to offer superior module assemblies to all clients. Gemini’s Ponoka team is the #1 fabrication and assembly team in Alberta. Our knowledgeable workforce ensures the complete module is constructed at the highest possible quality.


  • Focus on project planning and execution
  • Complete review and constructability of all work
  • Assembly under Gantry crane with 400’ length and 50’ width 30’ height 40+ tonne lifting capabilities
  • Erection of pre-fabricated steel 150+ tonnes a week
  • Large volume hydro testing capabilities
  • Assembly of ship loose items and inline components to meet client requirements
  • Integrated material tracking and expedited work flows reducing constraints
  • Hydro testing pre-assembly

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