Gerdau Usa

Gerdau Usa

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Clean Steels

Clean Steels

Clean Steels

Gerdau continues to make significant strides in sustainable steel cleanliness. By utilizing enhanced melt practice developments and strict process controls, Gerdau is producing bearing quality steels in its continuous casters. Gerdau recently expanded to a 240 mm bloom at its Monroe, Michigan mill, resulting in a greater reduction ratio, improved surface quality and cleaner steel with fewer inclusions. Gerdau is also investing more than $70.3M over the next three years to upgrade Monroe’s electric arc furnace and ladle refining technologies.

Product Information


- Diameters from 7/8” to 3 ¼”

- Lengths from 15’ to 32’

- Inquire for other diameters and lengths


- Bearing quality meeting ASTM specifications, including A295, A485, A534, and A866 specifications

- Aircraft quality meeting AMS 2301 and AMS 2304 specifications

- Carbon and alloy ASTM grades and customized SBQ chemistries

Heat Treating

- Full range of in-house heat treating capabilities, including spheroidizing, normalizing, stress relieving, annealing, quench and tempering, and any customized heat treat cycles


- 100% automated ultrasonic and magnetic flux leakage testing

Product verification capabilities

- Immersion ultrasonic testing

- ASTM E45

- ISO 4967

- JIS G 0555

- Acid dissolution testing

- Spark-dat (OESPDA) testing

- Automated scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis

- Extreme value analysis (EVA)

Product Enquiry

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